Being Yoga
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Robin Duffy

Certified Yoga Therapist

“The practice of conscious breathing and yoga brings peace and balance to my life and connects me with source/light/God that unites us all. My time spent in the yoga room teaching or practicing is the most joyful time of my day.”

Robin empowers her students to live from the heart. She creates a class environment that is safe and peaceful, allowing practitioners to be themselves and respect their limitations.

Robin is warm, focused and very present for her students, which creates the trust necessary for growth.

“As the director and teacher of Being Yoga, Robin has the ability to connect with students, giving personal attention and encouragement, making students feel they are being guided toward a place of peace and contentment”. ~ Kevin Fitzmaurice (fellow teacher)

Robin began her yoga journey of practicing and studying yoga in 1990. She is dedicated to her own personal practice, which is reflected in her teaching style. Robin is certified to teach Bikram, Yin & Kriya yoga, and continues to expand her study of the eight limbs of yoga with a variety of teachers on an ongoing basis. Robin opened this special oasis in 1998 with the intent of empowering her students to rise to their human potential.