Being Yoga
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Private Yoga & Meditation Lessons

All yoga styles and meditation offered during week and weekends from 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Like an annoying itch that won’t go away we all have at least one body part that never seems to heal – an aching back, stiff shoulders, a gravelly knee. During a comprehensive private lesson, one of our compassionate instructors will help with posture technique and modifications (when needed) to tailor your own unique needs.
Whatever your level this one-on-one time will empower you to develop body awareness for a deeper practice. Private lessons are beneficial for students new to yoga/meditation or have already been attending classes for a long period of time; who want to further refine the basics.

Schedule private sessions at desk or by email- Cost: $120 / $30 for each additional person.

Throw a Yoga Party

Studio is available Saturdays and Sundays after 7:00 pm. Tired of the same old formula for social events? How about a healthy alternative for baby showers, bachelorette parties, or birthday celebrations? Invite your group to the studio for a private yoga class (choose from Bikram, Yin Yoga, and Meditation). After class, hang around to connect with friends about life and yoga while sipping chai tea and enjoying catered finger food. As an added benefit, you may inspire some friends to become your new yoga buddies! Call the studio to arrange your next party (price varies according to group size and food preferences).

Inquire at the studio by calling 650.552.9642 or send us an email.