Being Yoga
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Class Description

Yoga can be as much or as little as you want it to be. For some it is purely a physical pursuit, keeping the body toned, strong and flexible. For others, yoga becomes more of a mindset and a way of living. Whatever your reason for practicing, or your level of experience – we welcome you to Being Yoga.

Everyone can practice yoga. Regardless of age, experience, or level of flexibility – we can all benefit from yoga if we maintain “mental flexibility”…patience. The atmosphere at Being Yoga is friendly, supportive and attitude-free. We offer a variety of active and meditative yoga classes to help bring balance to your day.

Yoga, like life, is about finding bliss and serenity in the moment. So come on in, relax and learn to ‘be’ your yoga.

Bikram Yoga

“I love the way Bikram Yoga has quickly toned my body and how it has relieved my back pain.” ~Hanin Rafin

This classical style hatha yoga class systematically works the entire body, stretching muscles, building foundational strength, detoxing internal organs, stimulating the glandular systems, and challenging the cardiovascular system. This 90 minute class is appropriate for beginners and more experienced students alike. It is truly a complete mind-body work-out. Your focus will improve, your mind will become clear, your body will detox and you will feel as if you are floating out of class.

Benefits of a regular Hot Yoga practice
Lose weight • Reduce stress • Detoxify • Improve flexibility • Greater lung capacity • Increase strength • Better sports performance • Keener concentration • Better balance • Deeper sleep • Improve Posture • Feel good from the inside out!

Silent Class

“The Silent class helps me reliably achieve stillness.” ~John Larson

Turn inward, listen to your breath, make your class a moving meditation, and explore a group practice a whole new way. Our silent classes move through the Bikram Yoga series to background music without dialogue from the teacher. Best for students who have taken a minimum of ten Bikram Yoga classes.

Kriya Yoga

“What a wonderful experience! In Arley, I found a warm and gentle teacher who is able to so clearly and cohesively weave together Yoga with meditation and help me down the path toward understanding how my little spirit fits into this big complicated world! I’m looking forward to the next session!” ~ Roy Spencer

Kriya Yoga is considered the practical way to purify the body, subtle coverings of the mind, and the mind itself. Kriya Yoga is more than just meditation procedure, it includes the entire range of philosophy and procedure which makes possible the enlightenment experience.

Power Yoga

POWER YOGA is a challenging, flowing yoga class taught in a heated room with a focus on stability, stamina, freedom and FUN! The poses are simple and easy to learn with room to vary and elaborate as students progress.

Gentle Yoga . . . NEW!

Monday and Wednesday, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
There’s no doubt about it, a class of challenging yoga is good, but sometimes it’s good to go GENTLE. And now Being Yoga is giving you that option. Starting April 12th, we will be offering a non-heated Gentle Yoga class designed to help students slowly stretch tight muscles and loosen stiff joints. This class is ideal for anyone wanting to work on stress-release, flexibility and balance ~ gradually and comfortably. Students of Gentle Yoga will ease into a variety of Hatha yoga postures, breath work and focused relaxation ~ and come out feeling great!

Yin Yoga

“Yin soothes my soul.” ~Jennifer

A gentle & relaxing 1 Hour class that works deeply into muscles and connective tissues through extended holds of postures. It is the perfect class for meditators & those who lack flexibility because we will be working deeply into the body. The focus is less on fitness and more on restoration, de-stressing, & relaxation.

Most forms of Yoga practiced in the U.S. are Yang; they emphasize muscular movement, contraction, and stabilization (all of which are important). Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue especially in the hips, pelvis and lower spine, and emphasizes deep tissue opening and restoration. It is a perfect cross train with the other more vigorous styles of yoga. Not heated. No prior experience necessary.


“I feel like I’m home during meditation”~Cynthia

Originally designed to strengthen the bodies of monks so they could sit for long periods in meditation, yoga’s true promise is to “quiet the mind.” Come experience the incredible benefits of a meditation practice, including reduced stress, better concentration, a strengthened immune system, and inner peace.


Beginning Yoga

We welcome the community to the studio. Join us for a shorter, fun practice. Explore Bikram’s 26 posture sequence just one set in a non-heated environment. Great for a quick workout, for beginners, or for those looking to ease back into practice after an injury. Experience a practice with a community of like minded students looking to ease into yoga.

Flow and Gentle

“The Flow class makes me feel alive! I am really focused and find strengthening benefits with every class.” ~Catherine Palter

Flow Yoga is a dynamic practice where breath and movement are seamlessly united so that each action encourages the other. The linking of rhythmic pranayama, asana & music allow the body to flow through the sequence in a moving meditation. Class is one hour in a non-heated room.

Yoga Kids

“I am thankful for my mummy for bringing me to yoga….it is fun and makes me feel fantastic!” ~Camille Klein

Kids 10+ are welcome to join the Beginning Yoga or vinyasa classes.

Children who practice yoga:

* Develop their bodies gracefully
* Learn to find peace within themselves
* Increase their focus
* Sleep more soundly

Find out when these classes happen on the schedule page.

Q & A with one of our Teachers

Before/After classes

Stay after class to get your questions answered by one of our qualified teachers. If you need to receive posture modifications due to a recent injury, surgery, pregnancy and postpartum…ask an expert.