Being Yoga
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Rick Plume

Student of the Month November 2011 

Tell us about your yoga practice, Rick.
Hi.  First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and surprise to be nominated the Yogi student of the month. To be archived into the extraordinary list of previous Yogis is rewarding.   I try to practice yoga daily at Being Yoga.  What gets me here are a number of personal motivations.  First and foremost are the students who fill the studio daily.  Without you there would not be a community.  Sharing, motivating, exercising, learning, experiencing, pleasure, discipline, group meditation and much more.  You are all role models.  Thank you!

And you have a supportive family, I recall?
Of course my family is so supportive of my life style — it is reassuring. My wife Beth and our four children, all in their twenties, workout daily; from yoga, swimming, gyms, bicycling, running, water polo and soccer, they do it all.

What styles of yoga do you practice and why?
Bikram Yoga is my favorite yoga class.  The heat warms my muscles to that I get a deep stretch throughout my body.  I like Yin Yoga as well.  The experience of gravity stretching the body in a long quiet pose is rejuvenating.  Ninety minutes with a teacher, coach and mentor is a real plus to get the job done.  I know when I walk out of the studio after any class I feel terrific.

You have had an inspiring journey around your health.  Tell us your story.
We all have a journey.  Mine is still moving strong.  I am in the 65th year of  a 100 year voyage . I have been an athlete since I was six years old.  I played basketball, football, baseball and rugby in college.  I ran many marathons and road races.  I finished the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon.  Also I experienced many injuries and accidents along the way. At one time after an awful auto accident, I was told by my doctor and physical therapist I would never be able to run again. At that moment I told myself I would train and compete for the Ironman Championship in Hawaii.  I did.