Being Yoga
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Rosa Mark

Student of the Month for March 2013

Rosa, in addition to your yoga practice, what else do you enjoy?

Passion for Art in all its expressions! I love working in oil and watercolor. For the past 2 years, I became a professional textile designer. I love to travel and explore flea markets pulling my 2 young kids.

Tell us about your yoga journey.

I have never been a sport-oriented person but the first time I discovered yoga was years ago in my country, Argentina. I felt happy to know that there was something out there for me that I could enjoy practicing. Once I started Bikram Yoga, it was not only good for my body but empowered my soul.

What are the physical things you get from yoga? 

I spent many years of my life working in a sitting position writing reports and strained my lower back. Since I started doing yoga, my posture is improving every session.  About the pain in my lower back…. well, it’s still there but the pain is less severe and it doesn’t bother me like it use to. After 4 years practicing yoga, I am trying to focus more on my breathing.  I discovered that the breathing connection thru the poses makes me more energetic during and after class.

How has yoga impacted your life?

In general the main thing I learned doing yoga is that it is not only important to have a harmonious and healthy body, but also a flexible one. Being flexible makes you strong, and this reminds me the image of the bamboo, that bends but does not break. Flexible yet firmly rooted. An interesting attitude that is even good for dealing with everyday vagaries of life. For this reason, the first day that I walked into the studio and saw the bamboos painting on the wall, I felt that I was in the right place.

What advice do you have for the new students?

I love this studio. I love greeting fellow students that have been there all these years even when I don’t know their names or what they do in life besides yoga. To new students: “Just hang in there, the magic may not happen on the first class. Breathe…and keep calm.  With time you’ll forget about the heat and start enjoying what every pose has to offer.”