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I  started Bikram yoga in 2009 and I knew nothing about Bikram yoga or any yoga before. It was very different challenge than working out at the gym. Bikram yoga is not a seasonal activity for me. Bikram yoga is preventative medicine and it helps for me to fight stress, slow down the aging process, create energy, and stay toned and lean. It has become my physical therapy and permanent part of my schedule. In July 2012  I  completed Hot Yoga Teacher Training Course and got certified by Yoga Alliance group. I was fortunate to train with Jason Wilkerson, one of the first students to study with Bikram. I feel compassion for every single person in each class because I know we have all gone through phases of suffering and deep pain. I just want to treat you with kindness and care. I just want to make your life a little bit easier.

— Yelena Lepina

Thank you so much! Being Yoga is now my treasure that I will keep for my lifetime.

— Nekessa Yanila

Can’t believe it has been 4 years since I walked through the door, signed up for my first 30/30 with two co-workers from See’s, and struggled to get through Teacher Diana’s Saturday unheated 12 o’clock class.  I couldn’t do much, but knew this is where I needed to be!

And the rest, so they say, is history!

Thank you so much for this wonderful, amazing, safe, space.  It means more to me than I could ever express in words.  I give thanks every day for this place.

Can’t wait to see what the next four years will bring!

In gratitude,

— Liz

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2003 at and have enjoyed and grown in my practice. I actually have literally grown a ½ inch from all the stretching and poses.  A great benefit especially since I am in my 40s!

– Wendy Moro

“It is true – yoga is the best secret to age gracefully.”

“Enhancing the remarkable ability of the body to heal itself.”

“Yoga is the most relaxing exercise. When I am in yoga, I travel into my thoughts and find inner peace.”

“Yoga is a lifetime practice.”

“I have found a sweetness here . . . ”

Being in yoga is where I find self-alignment, peace and good health . . . ”

Boost your life, discover the power within yourself, find yoga everyday!!!”

It’s wonderful. Very good for health and spirit, release stress and feel good afterward.”

Yoga is like magic, it takes away every ache in your body – mentally and physically.”

“I started my practice about 6 years ago – in that time yoga has helped me in all aspects of my life both physical and mental (spiritually). I practiced Bikram during my pregnancy and it was the one thing that really got me through those 10 months. I recently had to take a break from Bikram (not by choice) and now that I am back I feel all the balance in my body and mind being restored.”

Thank you both for being a part of my life changing experience. Prior to joining Being Yoga, I absolutely hated sweating and exercising. Weight gain and anxiety were a part of my daily life. I joined the 30 day for $30 challenge with Kevin as my first teacher and has since practiced with a few other teachers. Although I probably annoy Kevin with all my questions at the front desk, I always appreciate his patience. I advent had the pleasure to practice with Robin as of yet but I am registered for next Wed class with her.

Anyways I’m blabbing and will now get straight to the point. Mainly I just wanted to say thanks to every instructor I’ve had at the studio and the friendly staff members I encounter each visit. And again thank you for changing my life in such a positive way, you have no idea on how much gratitude I have for you all and this fabulous studio.

– Vicky Wu

I truly appreciate all that I learned through my practice and from great teachers at Being yoga.  Yoga has certainly changed my life, I will never forget this and my experience at Being yoga will always be treasured!  I miss practicing with my Being Yoga friends, especially my wonderful teacher Kevin! Love, Prudence

I am glad I am back for my practice. I feel so much better again, I really will be committed now and forever, whatever it takes!! I love you guys. Chiao. – Beth Macchiano

2 C everyone in the Atman & also 2 C the Atman in every 1. It’s where it’s @tman. – Toe-knee

The moment is in the moment – unknown

After practicing at Being Yoga for 8 months, I can say Bikram changed my life. My girlfriends and I took a free yoga class way back when for a weight loss challenge and from day 1, I’ve been hooked. There’s something about sweating your sins away that keeps you wanting more.

The thing about Bikram, is that it’s so humbling. One class will leave you feeling like a master yogi, when the very next day, you feel like a beginner again… no balance, stiff legs and all. Every day is different. It’s amazing.

Now about the studio:
They have hardwood floors! This was the very first yoga class I ever took and after checking out a few other studios, decided to sign up here for the simple reason that they ridded themselves of carpet. carpets STINK.

The instructors are amazing, very friendly and helpful, and always encouraging of you and your practice. The changing rooms are impeccably clean.

Yes, this place gets PACKED. (Never realized so many yogis wake up so early on a Saturday) but this is just a testament to how great this place is. Get here early to save ur space (I know I do) or be prepared to not see yourself in the mirror.

For the people who complain about being next to someone sweaty, it comes with the territory. Man up and lock your knee! If you’re looking for a good studio, look no further. You won’t find a better place than this one. I know, because I’ve already looked.

— Rachel Brito

“This isn’t a question, but a Thank You for EVERYTHING!” -Venus

The instructors are knowledgeable, patient and friendly. I love their painted wall with Trees, which helps me concentrate. They have beautiful and elegant interior design and clear wood floor. Among some yoga places I’ve been practicing at, Being Yoga’s the most beautiful and cleanest one. ~ Ivy

Excellent atmosphere. Fantastic teachers. Best place to continue your path to greatness. ~ Sugi

Amazing studio and staff! Bathrooms, showers, changing area are as beautiful as they come. Great clothes, books and jewelry available too. The best fresh flower arrangements I have ever seen. I have been hooked for ten years. Now a yogini for life. I love our studio! ~ Rhonda

This studio has kind, enthusiatic teachers who are all so likeable you feel encouraged to return even if practicing Bikram can sometimes be quite challlenging. Plus the studio is always clean anf decorated with unique flower arrangements in the lobby and even the bathrooms- all which make this place the prime studio for practicing yoga. ~ Monica

If you want to feel your best and have energy going thru the roof then visit Being Yoga–you will not regret!! ~ Donna

Being Yoga has an amazing ambiance. The studio is clean, neat, and a beautiful place to practice. Great classes taught by motivating teachers that help students, like myself, strengthen mind and body. Last but not least, the Being Yoga community, a place where wonderful people gather that share a common goal which makes the journey of improving yourself much more enjoyable. =) ~ Anonymous

Leslie G./ Just wanted to express my appreciation for the “gentle yoga” class.  I love it, it just what the Dr. ordered!  I love the closing with the om and loved the music.  Everytime I try a new class I love it.  Thank you Being Yoga (I also love the Flow class with Mary on Fridays–I love her sense of humour!) !

Gina Farrugia / Happy Birthday! In this crazy society we live in and fast paced life we each live, your yoga classes keep me grounded and relaxed! Enjoy your birthday to the fullest!

Sue Glick / I just read your e-mail and wow I remember how I struggled with yoga, however it’s been one of the best things that’s happened to me during these past 11 years. I love the heat, the calm and the camaraderie that has happened because of yoga. Congratulations on bringing such a valuable sanctuary to the Burlingame community. It has added so much to my life and the life of others.

Why I Love Being Yoga

Robin / 18 years – “It is an oasis for our community to free body & mind.”

ToiLynn / 15 years – “I feel so much peace, joy & love here!”

Helen / 15 years – “It is a great place to come.”

Kevin / 12 years – “It’s my sweet home away from home.”

Nigel / 11 years – “Great workout, Great staff & Great studio!”

Deanne / 10 years – “It keeps me peaceful & happy.”

John / 10 years – “To live younger.”

Supathra / 9 years – “To be relaxed, calm, happy & sleep well.”

Yvonne/ 9 years – “I feel relaxed in the beautiful environment.”

Athena / 7 years – “Heals my heart.”

Maki / 7 years – “I love Bikram Yoga!”

Jane – “I love that this is a place for everyone.”

Everlyn / 6 ½ years –“Every now and then I feel like being at a different level.”

Tom / 5 years – “Yoga promises so much. I have found Being Yoga brings out the best of yoga.”

Ivy / 5 years – “Warm people & mental clarity.”

John / 5 years –“The peace & beauty.”

Vivian / 5 years – “Feel relaxed.”

Hannah & Nancy / Many years – “We love the studio, people and all.”

Joyce & Naing / 4 years – “Makes us peaceful in our lives.”

Darvi / 4 years – “Nice people and makes me feel good.”

Naomi / 4 years – “Yoga is my adventure!”

Barbara / 3 years – “I leave my body & mind, which is a productive way to better my health.”

Tess / 2 ½ years – “I feel good because it distresses leaving me rejuvenated. Yoga is now a part of my life.”

Sharon / 2 ½ years – “Live younger.”

Debby / 2 ½ years – “It keeps me sane.”

Jeannie / 2 ½ years – “I love yoga.”

Michael / 2 years – “stay healthy & happy.”

Therese / 22 months – “It is an encouraging atmosphere where doing your best is constantly challenged.”

Liz / 18 months – “It is helping me be the best me I can be.”

Darren / 18 months – “Can’t replace these 90 minutes any where!”

Marissa / 18 months – “I feel good when it is over.”

Ennie / 18 months – “Like Kevin said, It is a home away from home.”

Jorien / 1 year – “It gives me a calmness and focus I love.”

Teal / 1 year – “Because my wife loves it.”

Lauren / 1 year – “It’s HOT!”

Rick / 9 months – “It makes me happy.”

Graciela / 8 months – “It is so peaceful.”

Yelena / 8 months – “It makes me feel good.”

Janey / 7 months – “I want to be healthy.”

Sarah –“The atmosphere is so supportive and I’m addicted to Bikram Yoga.”

Jenny – “It stretches me in every way.”

Anonymous – “I couldn’t sleep and after 2 yoga classes the pain went away. Also, I met my husband here. I’m happy!”

Annie / 1 day – “I like it!”

Great owners and teachers who offer their own pearls of wisdom. Beautiful studio with wonderful touches from gorgeous hard wood floors, twinkle lights and natural rock showers. Everything you would want in a yoga studio and so much more. A great community of people where beginners feel welcome and are carried away in the energy of it all. Even if you are fearful of the “heat” you’ll find yourself craving it! :) An absolute must especially at the $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga for new students. You can’t go

Every teacher i have had has been excellent. My favorite thing is that after the challenging hour and half of yoga, tiny ceiling lights twinkle like stars in a distant galaxy – it relaxes me and takes me to another place, far from the stresses of the real world. the studio and bathroom are beautiful, and the shop is very well merchandised.

Being Yoga is a place you can turn off the outside world and just BE.

I love this place . . . the teachers are awesome! I look forward to coming to being yoga every Mon. Wed. Fri. and leave feeling amazing! The studio is beautiful, clean, modern and centrally located in Burlingame! I have only been going to Being for 4 months but have converted 4 of my closest friends into regulars!

Being Yoga is a beautiful, tranquil space. The teachers never cease to inspire and encourage health mentally and physically. Love it!

This is the best studio in the Bay Area! Robin, the owner, is warm, encouraging and brings an amazing vibe to the studio. All the other instructors are also very caring and bring a true love for their practice to students. I’ve been attending since 2001 and won’t ever stop if I can help it! The studio is modern, clean, beautiful wood floors, great shower access and offers plenty of parking. They also have all the amenities to rent if you forget anything – towels, water, snacks, even cool yoga clothes in their little boutique. Overall, THE BEST PLACE!!

Robin cares more about You and Yoga then anyone I ever met. She listens and helps and offers to the community a sincerity of heartfelt views that can only improve your way of life. She is a true cornerstone of life. Thank you

“I started Yoga about 8 months ago. I feel better, more flexible and have more energy. This yoga studio is friendly, supportive and a great environment.”

Beautiful, Zen like, Clean, Studio. Place for peace. Great teachers. Must experience!

Being Yoga has been without question one of the most positive experiences of my life. The staff really makes the place. Robin & Kevin are fantastic directors and very friendly fellow yogi as well. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying new teachers, meeting new people, and most of all reaching a state of mental calm that I had never previously achieved. My balance has improved greatly as well as my coordination, and I feel a lot less fatigued after a long day of work. I cannot always make it to Being Yoga now due to my work schedule, and albeit I’ve frequented other studios because of it, Being Yoga is first and foremost, my yoga home (w/ all the yogi family attached). :)

This studio lives by what they teach. They express appreciation for the visitors to their studio by always providing a beautiful, clean, friendly, considerate environment and supporting each student’s practice with centered and concious and compassionate teachers. An exceptional place to practice presence.

“I am very honored to be in your environment and being around people that are on the path of inner peace and tranquility. Thank you for investing and providing such a wonderful place to experience the inner peace and at the same time toning our bodies for better health and flexibility. It is a retreat to come to where we are healing both mind and body. Thank you for that!” ~Sudha Patel

“It seems like yesterday that I attended the first Saturday class, 10 years ago. Your studio, teaching, and presence are so important to my well being. Congrats and Best.” ~Joe M.

I run a small biotech company in North Carolina and travel to San Francisco just about every month. I love Being Yoga because on my very first visit the folks at the front desk were warm (literally and figuratively!), inviting, and excited to see someone new. I had such a great experience that I now plan my return flights to North Carolina such that I can squeeze a class in before heading to the airport and coming home. I will only ever visit Being Yoga once or twice a month, but it has instantly become a required visit in my travels.” ~Marc

Time for me. Quiet time. Time to practice being in the present and letting go of my ego. ~ Anonymous

Because balance is such an important part of life. Being Yoga serves to balance body, mind, spirit. ~ Aloha

I love Being Yoga because it helps me get closer to who and what I want to be. ~ Faysal Abi

One of the many reasons I love Being Yoga is the quality of my own meditation (when with Arley in his class) is awesome and inspires me to be faithful with my daily practice. I appreciate the order and beauty of the physical space – it says “relax! know yourself as the divine soul you are!” ~ Tatanka

I love Being Yoga for “Being” here, its wonderful staff and awesome teachers. I don’t know how I would do it life) without you all. Thanks for the internal organ massages! Peace. ~ Denielle Palomeres

I love coming here cause when I can make it I feel good about myself and I always feel welcomed and the teachers are always so nice. Thank you! ~ Sandy Avila

I love Being Yoga because it is an opportunity to connect my mind & body. We tend to live in our minds and is connect from our body. Yoga brings the two together. It provides a calmness of being that I can’t find anywhere else. Namaste. ~ Leslie Gabbert

I love Being Yoga! It’s a wonderful way to escape away from the craziness . . . When I’m here, my mind & body thank me for introducing such a beautiful dance. Namaste. ~ Pina Escobar

Because Being Yoga loves me! ~ Lorraine Colocho

It is as soothing as a baby’s pacifier. ~ Anonymous

I love Being Yoga because I always feel welcome.
1) the atmosphere
2) the great people
3) the amazing studio
4) instructors are all so kind & helpful.

I love Being Yoga because of Diana. She is just a wonderful and considerate teacher who explains all the details of the asanas.

Gretchen Burke ~ I came to my first Bikram class in June of 2001 and I always tell people that Robin is why I came back. I had heard how hard it would be and it was, but Robin’s positive comments and great dialogue made all the difference. I think I’ve only had Robin as a teacher 3 times, but her presence has made all the difference. I consider Kevin, my teacher. He is the person I have learned the most from and he challenges and pushes me. We enjoy kidding each other and I miss him when I can’t attend his classes. I started coming to Bikram to get in better shape. I had always been a runner or a user of the step machine at the gym, but I was coming up on a big birthday and wanted to have a stronger upper body, abs and back. I kept reading about celebrities who were in great overall shape and they were all doing Bikram. And what I found was I stayed with Bikram because it taught (it is teaching me) to be patient and disciplined. And to calm my mind. My Mom has Alzheimer’s and yoga has helped me get through the issues with taking care of her life and losing a parent. I had to stop doing yoga when I was trying to have a baby and that was the hardest thing to give up because it gives me such comfort. I hurt my arm and shoulder this summer and haven’t come to class in about 6 weeks. I still haven’t healed, but my mind and the rest of my body need yoga so I’m coming back. I hope it is always part of my life. Thank you Robin, Kevin and the rest of the Being Yoga family for all you’ve given me.

Kathy Matthews – 2001 It started as a workout to keep in shape, it has progressed to a necessity for peace of mind, and a state of well-being.

Joanne Comolli ~ I walked into your studio in March 2001 and have never regretted it. I remember the name “Bikram College of Yoga” and told my family I had gone back to school to get my degree! Honestly, I do feel I have been educated in ways a classroom could never teach me. Your studio has brought an incredible awareness of my body and soul and I am forever grateful. Because I live in the neighborhood, I often drive home by way of the studio just to see how many shoes are lined up outside, wishing I was inside practicing with everyone! I look forward to continuing my journey with all of you at your new location.

Daisy Dupont ~ I started attending classes in 2003, the spring before I left for college. I only get back home twice a year, but when I do I am always eager to get back inside the walls of Being Yoga. The spirit of the yogis and quality of teaching never ceases to refresh my soul. Thank you for all of the kind words, hard work, and smiles!

Susan Mansi ~ I started yoga in 2003. What kept me coming back was the feeling of camaraderie among the “early morning” yogis doing a 6:00 am class! Best wishes for starting in the new space.

Shawna Scarpitti 2004 ~ At first, I came thru the doors for the amazing Bikram workout–for the detox, for the relaxation, and for the haven the studio became–after working all day at an incredibly stressful job. Then, the beautiful benefits of a regular weekday practice seemed to cascade all thru my life, so I started driving 35+ minutes one way on weekends and days off to come-the yin and flow classes totally augmented my practice so much! Now, I live much closer to Being Yoga, don’t have the stressful job, and have deepened my personal awareness of myself, of life, and of the journey.
Thank you so much BY! Can’t wait for the new chapter in our new space.

Arlene Ramirez ~ Over the 3 years that I have been actively attending Bikram Yoga, which I define as “SELF HEALING WORKSHOPS”; because the results are stunning. To me, it really seemed to go in stages. The major illness of my body such as: migraine, back problem, joint pain slowly disappeared. Bikram Yoga made me feel so much better about myself as my flexibility increases so does my overall health. As I practice listening to my breath during a Bikram class, this keen attention spreads to other areas in my life. Therefore, making my life calmer in general.

Myla Puyat, September 2005 – I came to being yoga to try and lose a few pounds and what I found was a place of refuge. My marriage fell apart a month after I started coming and Being Yoga saved me. It gave me a place to take my mind off my troubles for at least 90 minutes of my day. Today, I am at peace and I look forward to my time at the studio to meditate and be with myself. Thank you.

Cielo Santos ~ Although I have not been in for a consecutive months unlike the year I have first started with you in Dec. 2005 . . . I always have the urge of coming back not for my own personal yearning but also an urge of having that personal sacred place in which at the same time you share it with others . . . who have the same energy in reciprocating intrinsically as well as extrinsically . . . I find your studio safe and no energy of a sense of “what they call ‘competition’ ” with other yogis . . . in which I have experienced in the past and other studios . . .
I can only look forward to this new place . . . and perhaps I will do my best to practice more . . . hopefully my work schedule will bide some time for me to continue this wonderful exhilarating experience in which there are no words to even describe it . . . one can only decipher such experience once they have tasted it . . . surely is . . . Beyond words . . . I can only thank you . . . thank you much for having a great studio and the people you invite in.

Hilda Lopez – January 2005 I thank you for all the classes and wonderful teachers and I humbly thank you for making me one of your “student’s of the month.” It was such a wonderful honor.
Even though I have moved to Austin, Texas, I still hold ya’ll close to my heart! God Bless and best wishes on your new studio!

Sasha Stiles – my first day was august 23,2005. I knew right away that I had come home. Kevin was my instructor. And to this day when Kevin is my teacher I feel that same joy and wonderment just like the first day. Yoga has changed my life. I feel younger and wiser. I am more focused. I think I will do yoga every day until I die. I will think of you yes especially all my green shirted friends, and the clouds and eveyone who I am honored to share the space with at Being Yoga always, namaste

Sabrina Andrecchi-8/27/05 I sought out Being Yoga, which used to be Bikram Yoga College of India in 1999, when I returned home after being gone for 5 years. It was a place that I could go where all the noise stopped. I needed grounding and that is what I found. Now the noise creeps in occasionally but between the Vinyasa, Yin, and Bikram classes I have found who I am. I will be living in the country and I wish I could take Being Yoga and the community with me!

Dr. Tara Danli Sept 2006~I am grateful for the community support and the continuous encouragement of health and well being. The potential is within and Being yoga gives us the opportunity shine. I am always just so excited and inspired to practice. Thank You!

Cathy Palter ~ Being Yoga remains a very special place to me. I discovered it when I began my yoga practice during cancer treatment (early 2006). It was a safe place where I could be strong, stretch, revitalize, and find some normalcy at an abnormal time. I found such comfort being with Robin and the teachers and consider it a vital part of my healing process. I am healthy and back to work so can no longer enjoy the noontime vinyasa and yin classes at Being. However, I continue my practice elsewhere and Being Yoga is permanently in my heart. Thank you so much for being there for me and starting me on my practice. Best wishes in the new space!

Snehal Kundalker July 2007 ~ You have a wonderful place set up. I totally loved the energy of students and teachers. A beautiful union between the students and teachers, becoming each other’s guru in one-way or the other.
I recently moved to San Mateo/Burlingame (border) and found your studio. Came there with a friend of mine an Aussie Bikram Yoga teacher. We had a great time at your studio. Loved the fact that you had late evening classes. Excellent work. Keep it up you all.

Leigh ~ I am thrilled to hear of your move. Being Yoga is by far one of the most pleasant places in the Bay Area to conduct my practice of yoga. Your team has always been supportive of my efforts to improve my technique, and I look forward to growing my practice at your new location.

Yayoi Kaneko August 2007~ This is the best thing I have given to my body and mind! I have always been “good” to my body in many other ways, but this is the BEST for me. I can feel the blood and the energy flowing through ME. I am happy that I started. This is only the beginning . . .

Erick Eusebio April 29,2007 ~ On or about 4 months ago, I was in a state of depression with so much to give and to live for, but nothing seems to fit. After years of battle with drugs and alcohol, I stand tall and live my life clean and sober for 3 years now and eternally grateful to all the friends and families that believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.
I heard a lot of stories about yoga in the past but I never thought I could do it until one day, my best friend Debby asked me to try a class and I did . . . I didn’t want to come back the next day because of the heat and pain I felt after the class. I was assured that it would get better each time I come and as a result, the practice of BIKRAM YOGA is woven in the fabric of my life.
The passion I feel after each class gives me a sense of hope, love and happiness I feel everyday. I found happiness from within, and it gives me such joy to live my life each day with compassion and peace the second time around . . .

Tiffany Chu ~ I joined Being Yoga by through Amelia’s referral this February and it has been the greatest thing she has given me besides her friendship. Bikram yoga has greatly helped me with my asthma, hay fever, allergies, eczema and my stress level. Not to mention I have lost 18 pounds and I went for my wedding dress fitting last week and it was too big.
I have met so many great people and I look forward every day towards attending yoga.

Andy Stich ~ “Don’t quit before the miracle.”

Christine Angeles ~ “A regular yoga practice is like a 401K plan for the body and soul.”

Orlando Trujillo ~ “Yoga has helped me so much mentally & physically that it has become a very important part of my life.”

Mie Morgan ~ “The time I spend at the studio is the best time of my day.”

Susan Olmos ~ “Yoga is transforming my life. Aside from becoming more fit and flexible, it has helped me daily as a mother and teacher. Yoga has blessed me in countless ways and is helping me come to terms with personal problems.”

Vivian Wang ~ “I now have more positive energy in my life and am able to cultivate the happy responses and reduce the negative ones. I have the courage to withstand life’s difficulties without disturbing my peace of mind.”

Mary Guerrero ~ “I found a lot more than yoga.”

Andy Stich ~ “I practice yoga to become free – mentally, spiritually and physically. Being Yoga has given me a new path to tread on. I am experiencing a new beingness in my life that I never knew existed before I started practicing. The more yoga I do, the more in touch with myself I get, the more in touch I become with other people and the world that I live in – - it’s a beautiful formula.”

Christine Angeles ~ “The idea of simultaneous serenity and intensity, the idea of totally focusing on how you are breathing, and the idea of spending years at something feels like a necessary antidote to the mad rush of multi-tasking and instant results that the modern Western world expects.”

Sharon Diercks ~ “Learning to relax and enjoy life more, and another big plus is learning to take care of my body.”

Tiffaney DeAguero ~ “After 6 years practicing Bikram Yoga, I’m still amazed at the positive changes happening in my life as a result. This yoga helps tame the ego and calm the soul. It helps me “get out of my own way” and feel the connection with my true self and others.”

Alison Rodriguez ~ “Allows me the opportunity to release; to go off automatic pilot and just be here in the moment enjoying this time.”

Joyce Lee ~ “Yoga made me realize the importance of taking care of my body. As one of my wise yoga teachers said to me, a balance between the mind, body and soul is essential to healthy living.”

Michelle Nee ~ “Yoga has made me more aware of my life. It has affected not only my body, but my lifestyle, choices, relationships, and spirituality. I definitely can feel the positivity that this yoga has brought to me.”

Janelle Marie ~ “ Yoga has brought me to a new level of fitness that I never thought existed for me. You don’t realize how inflexible you are until you take yoga! It also has brought a new calm into my life.”

Colleen Byrne ~ “Aware of my body, my posture, my breathing, being in the moment on and off the mat, which all gives me a positive perspective.”

Judy Kwee ~ “Yoga is a form of self massage, I read recently, and I totally agree. It has brought peace, relaxation and the knowledge that I’m doing good things for my body!”

Tina Cheng ~ “I’ve had excruciating pain in my right shoulder for over 4 years! Once I started Bikram Yoga on a regular basis (3 times a week), my pain subsided :<). Not only has yoga helped me physically, but it’s given me a better quality of life!”

Chigusa Uematsu ~ “I had pretty bad headaches but after I started practicing yoga…they just went away. I come 4 times a week because it is worth it!”

Julie Ahner ~ “I have experienced many benefits with regular yoga practice. It compliments my running allowing me to run longer and stronger. Yoga allows me to sleep better at night, gives me more energy during the day and generally leaves me feeling more fluid and graceful.”

Nooshin Ansarinia ~ “I have to admit that putting 2 hours aside for yoga has been the biggest challenge for me. But the more I practice the more I become addicted to it. I sleep better at night. I have a general sense of well being. I find myself paying more attention to what I eat. And I love feeling more flexible.”

Jackie Buttice ~ “My husband doesn’t understand why my yoga mat now rides in the front seat and he has to sit in the back…I tell him, because yoga rides shotgun in my life!”

Pia Bordon ~ “Since I started my yoga practice on a daily basis, I have been able to get a better night’s sleep. I feel more energetic and ready to start my day earlier in the morning, so now my body craves the practice every day. Not only do I feel more energy throughout the day, I also feel an inner peace that used to get lost with all the chaos.”

Wanda Soon ~ “I’ve had asthma for several years and was taking Advair 2x daily.Since I started yoga, I’m only taking medication 1x every 3-4 days. I’ve also noticed I haven’t been sick since I began yoga.I used to catch colds so easily and it would last over a week. My circulation is also better.My leg is no longer falling asleep like before.I look forward to seeing my progress every class.”

Joyce Kim ~ “Yoga makes us better!”

Prudence Liew ~ “Before I started practicing yoga, I was a serious gym-goer.After 3 months of practice, I cancelled my gym membership, and my exercise routine had gone from simply physical to a more soulful mindful one. My bad back from 3 pregnancies is getting better and better after each practice; I don’t get sick as often as I did; most importantly, I have more patience!I could write a book about this one year’s journey………Anyway, Being Yoga has become my ‘Safe Haven’. I find peace here!!! Yoga Practice = Quality. My deepest thanks to you all other teachers who keep inspiring me!”

Scott Braxton ~ “Yoga teaches to honor self while we are transcending self.”

Hilda Lopez ~ “Yin Yoga brings about new life.”

Janelle Marie ~ “After Yin Yoga I am refreshed, so now I can go out and enjoy the day!”

Naomi Weaverling ~ “Here is a time to meet another me – when I connect with the subtle energetics of my body like the heartbeat and the mechanics of my breath.”

Jennifer Friedlander ~ “Now that I’ve been practicing yoga, I can’t imagine not doing it because it feels so good.”

Robin Laub ~ “I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.”

Rob Dill ~ “I knew that I’d found preventative medicine.”

Joycelyn Firenzi ~ “I’ve probably grown a couple of inches.”

“I’m able to go to that ‘quiet place’ even when things seem way out of control.” ~ Roxana Heppner

“I think the most valuable part of yoga for me is learning to be relaxed and engaged, to be relaxed and perform well.” ~ Brett Hamilton

“Bikram’s is the most all-encompassing healing system in movement that I have found. It brings together body, mind and spirit, allowing people to get back to their authentic selves. That’s what makes me tolerate the heat.”
~ Angela Balestrieri

“I found that spending 90 minutes of just ‘being in the now,’ focusing on the breathing was as close to meditation as I had ever been.” ~ John Ferreira

“I try to get it in NO MATTER WHAT!” ~ Irene Jhin

“I’ve learned how to hold on loosely.” ~ Magi Aoyagi

“I began noticing the mental benefits. I started noticing that I could focus better—that I had the ability to push stuff out of my mind—to stop the tape.” ~ Todd Hewlin

“Yoga makes me glad to be alive.” ~ Wendy Sun

“It is ‘the journey and not the final destination.’ I don’t’ have to worry about the end result.” ~ France Schurr

“Something I could do rain or shine.” ~ Jennifer Novasero

“Bikram’s Yoga, with its slow and steady method of improving oneself, it is made to order for me—and for anyone who wants to stay young.” ~ Donald Mozzetti

“My life is significantly more happy.” ~ Melissa Guerrero

“I can’t describe in words how good it is!” ~ Dan Wendeland

“Yoga has given me enough confidence and strength to accept more responsibility at work.” ~ Debra Hubert

“I couldn’t’t believe it would make such a change in my attitude towards life, but it did!” ~ Maura Murphy

“I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.”
~ Robin Laub

“I knew that I’d found preventative medicine.” ~ Rob Dill

“I’ve probably grown a couple of inches.” ~ Joycelyn Firenzi

“I’m able to go to that ‘quiet place’ even when things seem way out of control.” ~ Roxana Heppner

“I think the most valuable part of yoga for me is learning to be relaxed and engaged, to be relaxed and perform well.”
~ Brett Hamilton

“Bikram’s is the most all-encompassing healing system in movement that I have found. It brings together body, mind and spirit, allowing people to get back to their authentic selves. That’s what makes me tolerate the heat.”
~ Angela Balestrieri

“I found that spending 90 minutes of just ‘being in the now,’ focusing on the breathing was as close to meditation as I had ever been.” ~ John Ferreira

“I try to get it in NO MATTER WHAT!” ~ anonymous

“I’ve learned how to hold on loosely.” ~ Magi Aoyagi

“I began noticing the mental benefits. I started noticing that I could focus better—that I had the ability to push stuff out of my mind—to stop the tape.” ~ Todd Hewlin

“Yoga makes me glad to be alive.” ~Wendy Sun

“My life is significantly more happy.” ~ Melissa Guerrero

“I can’t describe in words how good it is!” ~ Dan Wendeland

“Yoga has given me enough confidence and strength to accept more responsibility at work.” ~ Debra Hubert

Catherine Palter ~ “Flow Yoga makes me feel alive! I am really focused and am strengthening with every class.”

Chris Benson practicing regularly for 2 months ~ lost 25 lbs.
“Since I started yoga, my backache is gone. I was treated by chiropractor ,but the backache kept coming back. now I don’t have any backache. I am sleeping very well at night, and I feel so good after each class. I am so glad I found BEING YOGA.” With love, Lily Yoshikoshi

One of our new students was inspired to say, “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a warm welcome! I must say that the energy at Being Yoga is really positive and it feels like everyone here is very inspired and motivated to teach/practice yoga.”

“This morning it felt like everyone was on the same wave :-) I think that’s essential and is something that’s missing at a yoga studio I used to go to before. I must admit I’ve been feeling so good all day long! I’m glad I found you!”
– Irina

“I really like the even energy during my practice from Warrior and how the effects of less achy joints is provided by Recovazon!” — Robbie Cavallero

“Bikram Yoga has helped manage my diabetes unbelievably. I have curtailed my insulin injections by 50%. I have lost 30 pounds, completely lost the desires to smoke, drink alcohol and eat junk food. I even wrote a book on how it saved my life called, No More Diabetes, How Yoga Saved my Life. Please pick up a copy at studio’s desk or”
– Fellow Yogi John Spanek

“The range of knowledge gained from committing yourself to the practice is AWE inspiring. Aside from the physical benefits the inward emotional and spiritual awareness is compelling. Not only is it a lifelong practice, but a journey into one’s self.” –Suzanne Larmon

“Yoga is so wonderful~I can’t find the words to do it justice!” –Barry

Diana–”Five years and you have worked hard to create such a peaceful studio for many to come and discover the beauty of yoga!”

“Yoga awakened a remembrance of how it feels to be flexible.” –Jennifer Navasero

Dan (former asthma sufferer)–”When I first started, I could hardly hold a posture without gasping for air. Now I can go through all the postures without losing my breath and having to stop.”

“This studio has made such a profound difference in my life!”– Margery Bailey

“Bikram Yoga is always challenging. Every class I am challenged and surprised by what happens. But, like the teachers say, it is ‘the journey and not the final destination.’ I don’t have to worry about the end result.” — France Schurr

Mary–”I found a lot more than exercise!”

“What brought me to yoga six years ago? A suggestion from my chiropractor! In managing back discomfort probably caused from years of running, aerobics, and other high impact exercise I needed to shift to a healthier workout.

From intense Bikram Yoga came strength & flexibility; progression to practicing Yin yoga has led me to my comfort zone of complete balance.

Appreciating and respecting the requirements you desire for your body and soul can lead you in the direction of remarkable freedom. Practicing Yin Yoga is what makes my life more enjoyable.”–Don Loustalot

“Thank you for providing a fantastic space in which to practice and become whole.”–Scott Braxton

“What a wonderful haven!”–Joycelyn

This contentment comes from many things:

First and foremost, because I’ve given myself specific times during the week to relax (practicing the breath REALLY helps!), and do ! something that is nothing but healthy and fun. The friendly atmosphere at Being Yoga helps me get over my shyness and just enjoy the class.

Also due to the unexpected amount of physical stamina I’ve gained from taking Flow, I find myself less tired at the end of a long day, and as a result more positive.

Having been rather clumsy my whole life, it is also incredibly fun to learn and be able to hold a posture that I would have never imagined myself being able to do.

Finally I am a long distance runner, and flow has helped every aspect of my running – strength in my legs, strength in my torso for better posture, better balance, flexibility for a greater stride. Also incorporating the breathing techniques I’ve learned from Flow has had a dramatic effect on the distances I have been able to run without soreness or aching.”– Sakura Nakahara

“I can’t express how much I enjoy yoga and the benefits. I plan on making this part of my life for a long time.”
– Andrea Conneally

“I’ve found when we look for the good, we see the good, we receive the good, we become the good. Life is too short not to have a great attitude”. ~Shawna Scarpitti

“In life and in yoga, everything I need comes from within. Without my breath I am not calm, centered or focused. With my breath I am complete, my mind is free and I have what I need to do my best.” ~Cori Poletto

“In our chaotic society it is nice to know that you have a place in a yoga studio where you can get back in touch with yourself and others who are on the same path of growth and discovery.” ~James Merchant

“I do believe that every time we practice yoga, we each put our little piece of goodwill out there in the universe.” ~Kerry Bitner

“Knowing that there are others in the room with similar goals and intentions, it makes the effort easier for me.” ~Linda Rosen

“With yoga, life doesn’t seem as stressful, I’m more relaxed and it has helped me in both my work and personal life. I feel more in balance when I’m practicing regularly.” ~Kathy O’Marie

“It used to be self discipline and determination that kept me coming back to the studio; And now it’s the wonders of the journey that keeps bringing me back for more…it’s so amazing to see how the simplicity of yoga works in the human body and soul!” ~Prudence Liew

“I now climb out of bed feeling good. I’ve got increased flexibility, my abs are stronger and my sciatica’s gone.” ~Sue Peloquin

“I am much more relaxed at home if I have this time to myself.” ~Maria Frantz

“It’s the exercise, anti-anxiety, self-reflection, clear-your-mind-of-clutter combination that appeals to me most.” ~Roy Spencer

“Yoga makes me glad to be alive!” –Wendy Sun
“Now I practice Bikram Yoga more for the mental benefits than the physical!” –Todd Hewlin

“Bikram Yoga has had a profound spiritual impact on me!” –Magi Aoyagi

“Yoga has taught me self-awareness, patience, persistence, humility, focus, energy management and pride.” –Irene Jhin

“Bikram Yoga is the most all-encompassing healing system in movement that I have found. It brings together body, mind and spirit, allowing people to get back to their authentic selves. That’s what makes me tolerate the heat.”
– Angela Balestrieri

“I think the most valuable part of yoga for me is learning to be relaxed and engaged, to be relaxed and perform well.” — Brett Hamilton

“I feel straighter than I ever have.”
–Gwen Harris “I was stopped over and now I am a couple inches taller.” –Joycelyn Firenzi”Yoga is a big part of my life. Next to my family, it is my top priority.”– Robin Laub

“Now I can eat most things without a problem.” Anonymous student with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“When I started practicing my forehead was 4 inches away from my knees in Rabbit, and when I saw students practicing Bow Pulling Pose, I thought I’ll never be able to do that….but, now I can do all those poses.” –Victor Montoya

Being a self-proclaimed “type A” personality, I realized that you could learn as much from the “subtleties” as you could the “intensities”of a yoga practice.–Angelina

“My body was beaten down and my injuries were only getting worse. Two years later, Yoga has healed my football injuries and more.”
– Rich Carrillo

“Lost cravings for junk food, alcohol & tobacco.” –John Spanek (type 1 diabetic, who manages his blood sugar level and other symptoms with a regular yoga practice)

“Bikram Yoga keeps you supple and limber.”
–Jennifer Friedlander

“I’m running around on my feet, lifting things continuously, and because of Bikram Yoga, I never lack energy. I am in a good mood constantly, and I’m dealing face-to-face with people that may have irritated me, but now I can handle it.” –Maura Murphy

“Now I sleep like a baby.” –Danielle Devencenzi”I haven’t had to use steroid ointments to rid eczema and my skin feels wonderful!”
– Stacy Madamba

Robin Duffy 1998 ~ “A community working in a positive direction hooked me immediately. A room full of healthy minded/bodied people continues to feed my soul. For the first time in my life, I feel in real good company – thank you!”

Kevin Fitzmaurice ~ When the studio opened in September 1998 I was a happy camper because it meant I would no longer have to travel all the way to SF to get my practice in on weekends. Little did I know that this new studio would become a second home. Started out as a practitioner in 1998, became a teacher in 2000, and in 2002 started to take on more admin/accounting duties. Along the way, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with all the happy smiling faces that have come to the studio. I’ll always have fond memories of this little place on Magnolia Ave.

Diana Garibaldi – Opening day the summer of 1998 I was introduced to Bikram’s Yoga by Robin. I enjoyed the practice from the first session. Through the almost 12 years, I have discovered myself, my general health improved, but for me the ever changing (when self allowed) awareness. Each practice brings forth newness, gifts, and also emotions the good and the not so good to deal with. It brought me growth of the self. To find the peace within and make friends with it. I share with the class that this is a life long practice and I believe this with my whole being. Thank you Robin for giving “Being Yoga” to the community all of these years AND now on to more with the new studio . . . this is going to be fun, I am so looking forward to the experience. Blessings, Diana

Cori F. Poletto ~
a spot by spot
an ode to my spot,
in it i’ve learned a lot.
you’ve taught me how to relax, focus and make everything else disappear,
how to resolve situations i previously feared.
giving me humble confidence from within,
while trying to lock out my knee in standing bow . . .
again and again.
waiting for me and by 4:08,
knew running from the end of a ducks football game i would be late.
i’ve grown to love you a lot,
as you’ve been there for me when my home and office was not.
sad i will be on the day,
when the studio moves away.
no matter how hard i try,
the hardest thing i still have to learn is how to say goodbye.

Alev Ozten ~ I started there the fall of 1999. It has been 8 years, which is amazing. I am probably your most consistent irregular yoga student :) All I can say is that I always feel soooo good after a Bikram yoga class that I really don’t know why I cannot keep up a regular practice. I do keep coming back though! The 60day challenge I had done almost 3 years ago was really a great experience. Maybe I need to do another one to come back to the practice in a more consistent way :)
Finally, the yoga retreat in March 2004 was a very special time for me as I was in a pretty bad state of mind and it really helped me hugely. To this day I think about that one-week in Tulum and keep thinking I was so lucky to have made it there (and I do remember how you had squeezed me in at the last minute which I am still grateful for).
Looking forward to seeing the new place soon.

Sharon Diercks started in 2000 ~ I have always exercised but needed a new way to exercise and yoga was my choice. Have always enjoyed they way I feel after a class.

Dona Loustalot unsure of start date because it was before we had a computer- Even while on vacation in Greece I bring my respect and need for my yoga.

David Whiteside – Nov. 19, 2001 I came to the studio a person shattered beyond belief. Life had disconnected from my body and all I wanted was to leave it. After my first class, having made it all the way to the end (mostly because I could feel so little) was the first cool Breath I had drawn in a very . . . very long time. I came back again and again to fill my lungs with that hot cool breath. And ultimately to feel the non-judgmental presence of Robin, Kevin and slowly but surely the yoga community I silently conversed with. And I learned a whole new way to experience gratitude . . I will really miss this room.
And not to be put on the wall (if you decide to post this) is how the warm left-handed smile buoyed my soul. Thanks Robin – I owe you more than you can know.

Judit Pungorne January 2001 ~ It was beautiful.

Gail Disantis 2001 ~ Although I have not been to the studio in several years now, I do remember it so well. I often think about what I began to learn in that room for myself. I began to learn I can hold myself when things are difficult, and be patient..those 30 and 60 seconds in the mirror are powerful…your studio holds a special place for me…

Christine Angeles Nov. 10, 2001 ~ I wonder if the new studio will have clouds on the ceiling. On reflecting upon the past several years in the current studio, I have noted many things in those clouds (and often wondered if anyone else did). There is a dog licking an ice cream cone, an otter floating on seaweed, Abraham Lincoln doing “camel”, Abraham Lincoln’s profile or alternatively a duck, a brontosaurus, a happy smurf, an angry smurf, a parrot, a small kitten’s face and several other images I can’t currently recall. I will miss them.