Being Yoga
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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a 5,000 year old science, unrivaled as a means of improving body health and suppleness, peace of mind and absence of stress. Yoga’s effects are subtle, bearing fruit over time. The amount of effort you put into this science is returned to you. Then you begin to see, with patience and diligence, how you can, with peace, deal with this world and yourself in it.

In yoga, each pose is performed to prepare the body and mind for the next pose. Each posture is done to the best of one’s ability. One’s practice changes from day to day, so the practice becomes a vehicle for increasing self-awareness, which ultimately leads to peace of mind. In yoga, the aim in practice is to balance physical exertion and relaxation.

The control of breathing (Pranayama) and the centering of concentration are the vehicle for this ever growing balance and equipose. By learning to move into, hold, and move out of postures in harmony with the breath, we reach the true meaning of hatha yoga. “Ha”-sun, “tha”-moon, “yoga”-union. A union; a meeting of body, mind and spirit.

Why Practice Yoga At a Studio?

Points of distinction:

  • Concentrated focus on yoga/meditation/philosophy and its discipline(s)
  • Quiet environment for me-time
  • Qualified instructors with hundreds of hours of experience
  • Community of people committed to leaving a soft foot print on our planet