Voted Best Yoga Studio by Bay Area A-List: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 & 2009

Being Yoga is your sanctuary – a safe, non-chaotic environment where you can find peace in your body and mind. You will always feel welcomed here, accepted and celebrated for your authentic self — and met by friendly teachers who will infuse you with yoga’s magic. Join an enthusiastic community of friends as we grow spiritually, learning to trust our hearts, free our minds and live balanced lives. This is your place to learn, play, and be inspired.



Being Yoga wants to guide you on a journey to union of body, mind, and spirit. Our goal is to create a safe, clean and pleasant environment for all levels of students to practice yoga and to gain motivation and knowledge to improve one’s total health.

Being Yoga is a resource center to share healthy lifestyle practices that complement Western Medicine. Most importantly, this is a loving and comfortable environment to discover the connection of our physical, emotional and spiritual body.


Yoga is a 5,000 year old science, unrivaled as a means of improving body health and suppleness, peace of mind and absence of stress. Yoga’s effects are subtle, bearing fruit over time. The amount of effort you put into this science is returned to you. Then you begin to see, with patience and diligence, how you can, with peace, deal with this world and yourself in it.

In yoga, each pose is performed to prepare the body and mind for the next pose. Each posture is done to the best of one’s ability. One’s practice changes from day to day, so the practice becomes a vehicle for increasing self-awareness, which ultimately leads to peace of mind. In yoga, the aim in practice is to balance physical exertion and relaxation.

The control of breathing (Pranayama) and the centering of concentration are the vehicle for this ever growing balance and equipose. By learning to move into, hold, and move out of postures in harmony with the breath, we reach the true meaning of hatha yoga. “Ha”-sun, “tha”-moon, “yoga”-union. A union; a meeting of body, mind and spirit.

It is respectful to show up to class early; that way, there is time to make adjustments with our mats so that each student can find the most advantageous spot for him/herself possible – even in a full class.

By taking off shoes before entering the yoga room and taking belongings back to the locker room, students are consciously aiding in keeping the studio clean and uncluttered for everyone’s comfort and well being.

Carefully opening and quietly closing doors that lead in and out of the yoga room shows respect for those meditating inside – as do quiet, hushed voices before and after class (Turning off cell phones before entering the studio is the best way to avoid disturbing the peaceful atmosphere at Being Yoga).

It is respectful to stay on your mat during the entire class, but if you must leave and/or come back, please do so between postures as silently and unobtrusively as possible.

Following the dialogue as closely as possible to the best of your ability (not branching off into different postures, for example), helps to keep a unified environment for all. Remember, this is as much a meditation class as it is a physical activity. Each of us helps the other stay focused by moving together in sequence.

Finally, take responsibility of your own thoughts and emotions. You can’t always control outside circumstances, but you always have the option of controlling your reactions to those circumstances. By concentrating on your own practice, giving it your best and staying calm inside, you are contributing a focused, peaceful energy to the entire class. Similarly, changing your internal language from negative (“I can’t”) to positive (“I’ll try”), contributes a positive energy as well.

Our Being Yoga goal of creating a sacred environment – a warm and welcoming space – for a conscious community becomes a reality each time we “recognize and honor” the Divine in each other and consciously practice our “Yoga Etiquette.”