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August 2014

A Warm Welcome Back

The remodeling of the studio is on schedule and we will be open again starting Monday, August 4th.  We have modernized the lighting, replaced the floor in the yoga room, spruced up the locker rooms, repainted throughout, updated the retail area, and replaced the flooring in the lobby and back area.

For those of you who have been practicing regularly, we hope you will take this opportunity, after a 2 week hiatus, to continue your regular practice.  For those of you who have been practicing sporadically or have not practiced for a while, we hope you will take this opportunity to re-commit to a regular practice in our newly refreshed studio.  Perhaps commit to a personal yoga challenge by putting your name on the board and practicing 30 classes in 30 days or choose your own challenge.  Committing to an everyday practice is a good way to create the yoga habit. Once you have that habit, going to yoga becomes automatic, like brushing your teeth every day, becoming part of your self-care routine.

I’m sure it was challenging for some of you, not to have the studio available to do your yoga.  It’s a good lesson that you really should practice when you can, no excuses, get to yoga and start feeling good!

We will be happy to see you again!

Being Yoga Staff