Health Screenings:

Staff, Teachers and Students will be temperature checked each day upon arrival to the Studio and asked to confirm their health status.

If Students are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks, they should not sign up for class and will be denied admission to the Studio.

Masks/Social Distancing:

Masks must be worn by Staff, Teachers and Students everywhere in the Studio at all times. Students can remove their masks on their yoga mat only when the class starts, but must use the mask again once the class is over, or if they need to leave their mat for any reason.

Class sizes will be limited to ensure social distancing. Markings have been placed on the yoga studio floor showing where yoga mats must be placed.

Students will not be allowed to enter the Studio until 15 minutes before the start time for a class, and Students must enter the lobby one at a time to avoid congestion up front. No late arrivals will be allowed.

Students will need to leave the Studio no later than 15 minutes after the end of each class to provide Staff enough time to clean the Studio prior to the next class.

Class Registration:

No walk-in sign ups will be allowed. Students must pre-register and pay online with a stored credit card. No cash payments will be accepted.

A 12 hour cancellation policy will be implemented (through MindBody or via email If cancellations are not made, Students will still be charged for the class (or a $10 charge for holders of unlimited memberships).

Limit of one class per day in order to save space for other Students.

Bring Your Own Mats, Towels and Props:

Students need to bring their own mats and towels as rentals will no longer be available. Mat towels are required for all hot classes. No other Student belongings allowed.

No blankets, bolsters, blocks or belts will be made available for Student use.

Studio Facilities:

Hand sanitizer available at the front desk. Locker rooms and showers will not be available for use, but bathrooms will remain available with sink and soap access. Students should arrive dressed for practice.

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  1. Lisa Hanna says

    I imagine we can bring our own water. Where would we put our keys and wallet?
    Thanks for your efforts planning the reopening.

    • Being Yoga says

      Yes, it is a great idea to bring your own water.

      You will need to leave your shoes in front and either keep your keys with your shoes, or keep them with you on your mat. Items should be limited as much as possible for the safety of all.

  2. Angel says

    A 12 hour cancellation policy will be implemented (through MindBody or via email If cancellations are not made, Students will still be charged for the class (or a $10 charge for holders of unlimited memberships).

    “Charge Cancellation fee ? Not a good policy” This is a place for people come and relax, a mind and body connect…….

    • Being Yoga says

      Yes. Yoga is a practice of relaxation and connection. It is also a practice centered around mindfulness, community and respect for others as well as oneself.

      The cancellation policy was adopted due to the highly limited number of available classes and openings in Phase I of the reopening. It is not fair for a Student to hold a spot in a class that they are unable to attend, and thereby not allow for that spot to be made available with reasonable notice to another Student. The hope is that Students will cancel on a timely basis when needed, and the fee should never apply.

  3. Sophie says


    Great news about the reopening!
    Can you please clarify how many students will be in class? Thank you!

    • Being Yoga says

      In order to provide for appropriate social distancing, it is estimated that the class size limit will be 15 Students. That number though may be adjusted as needed once classes recommence to make sure enough space has been provided.

      Class size limits are shown on the sign in screen for each class. If a class has registered full, Students can be placed on a waitlist, and will be notified by email if a space becomes available. Waitlisted Students should not come to the Studio unless an email is received stating that they have cleared the waitlist.

  4. JD says

    I think students should have their temperature checked too before entering the studio just
    like the teachers and staff.

    • Being Yoga says

      The Phase 1 Studio Guidelines have been updated to provide that Staff, Teachers and Students will be temperature checked each day upon arrival at the Studio.

  5. Karen Fisher says

    The 6:00 am class today was awesome. The social distance is perfect in the studio. Deborah was thoughtful and mindful of our masks. The set up is perfect for safe Bikram Yoga. I feel so good.

    • Being Yoga says

      Please limit what you bring in to the Studio to what is essential for your practice (mat, towel, water). There is no storage space available, and all belongings other than your shoes must be kept by your mat.

  6. Allan Tong says

    So glad BeingYoga is reopening. If I’m already signed up as automated unlimited member, how should I proceed with payments after I schedule myself to a class?

    • Being Yoga says

      Once Autopay members are ready to return to practice, they should email the Studio at in order to reactivate their membership. The number of days between the Studio closing date of 3/16/20 and the end date of their last Autopay payment back in February or March will then become available to use. The next Autopay charge will then be run on the last day for the partial period added.

  7. Nino says

    Glad you’re reopening but I’m a little dismayed that you haven’t sent out an email explaining the new schedule and policies. Had I not walked by the studio just now, I would have had no idea what was happening.

  8. Being Yoga says

    An email was sent to the Being Yoga community on 6/28/20 titled Phase 1 Reopening which described the plans to reopen the Studio on July 5th along with the guidelines to be followed. The website was also updated that day with the same information, and a sign was placed on the door of the Studio.

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